Magnus Greel is a war criminal from the 51st century
Magnus Greel weng chiang


Formerly the 'infamous' Minister of Justice for the Supreme Alliance, during World War VI, in the 51st century. He was nicknamed 'the Butcher of Brisbane' for his brutal, depraved experiments with a catalytic extraction chamber, which cannibalised the life energies of 100,000 'enemies of the state'. After the Supreme Alliance fell to the Filipino Army at the Battle of Reykjavik, Greel became a convicted war criminal.

He invented a time cabinet and travelled back in time to Victorian China, with the homicidal Peking Homunculus cyborg, making Greel the first human to travel through time. But his physical form was disfigured, and his time cabinet was stolen by English travellers and taken back to London, at Prof. Litefoot's house. Greel, posing as Chinese god Weng-Chiang, was cared for by peasant farmer's son Li H'sen Chang. They left China to explore London to find the time cabinet, with the help of the Tong of the Black Scorpion, a group of Chinese thugs who worshipped the god Weng-Chiang. Li H'sen was given superhuman powers, which he used in a magic act in the local theatre, while kidnapping young women for Greel to extract their life essence to keep his metabolism stable, though it just worsened it.

Magnus greel Unmasked
When they found the time cabinet, Greel's men had left the time cabinet's trionic lattice, in a bag back at Litefoot's house. Greel brought the Doctor to the Tong's HQ. Greel planned to use the energy from his extraction chamber to return to his own time and return his form to normal, but the Doctor shoved him into his own catalytic extractor, causing fatal cellular collapse, turning Greel into dust